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(4 weeks)


The course will cover the basics of both squat and deadlift and the necessary accessory work that will help you build, focus and sharpen your execution of these two king of the lifts.


Each participant will be required to answer a questionnaire to determine whether they belong to the novice or intermediate lifter category. 


The course will run for 4 weeks and is for anyone looking to learn the basics and/or re-learning the basics.


At the end of the course, skill acquisition for the two lifts is the primary goal as an outcome whilst also being able to learn other movements that can help in building and sharpening one’s skills in executing the movement.


The course is open to anyone who is willing to learn. Only limited slots are open to ensure that every student is given the necessary attention to help them  build and sharpen their skills.


Strength is a skill. Build, focus and sharpen your skill with this course.