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Our 6 Weeks Personal Training Program fuses our Personal Training, Group Classes and Open Gym, providing you great value and results.

This personalized program will run in 6 weeks blocks where you will commit to 2 personal training sessions per week, with also access to up to 2 group classes each week.

The program provides you customized programming as well as personalized attention on your very unique bio-mechanics and any imbalances you might have, this way we can instruct you better technique during your personal training sessions.

Once you and your coach has established your goal and direction, your coach will program the personal training sessions for you, as well, give you the specific group classes you can attend in order to complement your personal training sessions working towards your goal, if the group classes recommended do not suit your schedule, your coach can also instruct you your own workout that can be done during Open Gyms hours.


Fat Loss | Muscle Building | Strength Gain

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