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Born and raised in Ireland Ian Nam grew up playing football and rugby. Realising that cardio alone wasn’t enough to become a top athlete he began his 14 year journey into strength training. After moving to Hong Kong in 2010, Nam started his personal training career at Fitness First Platinum before co-founding his own personal training company in 2012. Strength Culture provides personalised one-to-one coaching at Hong Kong’s top gyms including Topfit, Ursus Fitness, and Optimum Performance.


Nam is a competitive strongman and a sponsored athlete of Clean Nutrition Co and Team Joined—with two Arnold Classic Worldwide Amateur Strongman (90kg and 105kg) under his belt already, his next focus is the Arnold Classic Amateur Strongman World qualifier in August 2017.



Co-founder of Strength Culture, Denn Robles coaches in everything from fat loss to muscle gain, strength improvement to high-intensity outdoor boot camps. He’s been training clients in fitness since 2005 when he became certified through the National Academy of Sports and Medicine (NASM), and his passion for strength training has seen him participate in many Olympic Weightlifting and Strongman Events.


Robles loves fitness in all shapes and forms, and is involved in many team sports including American football, basketball, and his current challenge is competing in Strongman competitions around Asia.